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Olio extravergine di oliva

BASE: Olive-oil obtained with the varieties FRANTOIO, MORAIOLO, LECCINO, PENDOLINO.

HARVEST: The harvest is strictly manual, removing the olives directly from the plant,  at the vegetative stage of “ripening” that is when the olives are half green and half black.  This obtains a smaller quantity of oil but a higher quality product. The olives that have just been picked  are immediately taken to the mill in special boxes with holes on all five sides in order to keep the olives well ventilated until the time of pressing. 

PRESSING: The extraction of Olio di Vegi is done by using the cold method so it does not damage “organolettiche” characteristics.

STORAGE: The Olio di Vegi is stored in a cellar with no lighting and no change in the temperature, this permits the oil to remain perfect because of the absence of the two factors of oxidation, light and low or high temperatures.

CHARACTERISTICS OF OIL: Oil with low acidity,  from bright green to green with golden hues, sharp aroma of olive oil and intensely fruity, with herbaceous tips, medium spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste.

FOOD COMBINATIONS RAW: Ideal for use on raw appetizer with fresh tomatoes, salads, grilled meats, stews, soups, vegetable soups and meat and in the “Tuscan ribollita”, also great on pasta, white (without sauce) or topped with a tomato sauce. 

It is tasty in its use as “Pinzimonio” (dip), with a plate of raw vegetables such as artichoke, celery, fennel, radish, cabbage, dipped in a small bowl of olive oil and salt. Finally is the typical “bruschetta” or “fettunta” perfect snack at any time, a slice of toasted bread is rubbed with garlic on the surface then seasoned with salt and pepper and drenched in oil.

BAKED AND FRIED: For health benefits the extra virgin olive oil is highly recommended by doctors and above all in cooking and frying, because of all the vegetable fats it is with fewer “carbon double bonds” a characteristic that allows for extra virgin Olive oil to better withstand the high temperatures and minimize the degradation more than any other vegetable oil (corn, sunflower etc.). 

In addition to its very low tendency to produce cholesterol (indeed, the extra virgin olive oil contains molecules that break down cholesterol) is certainly preferable to animal fat.

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